Exploring The World Through Sensory Play With Toddlers

What is sensory play and why is it important for toddler aged children?

Aside from being the messiest and most fun way to play, Goodstart Early Learning defines sensory play to be any activity that stimulates the senses and engages the child in movement and balance exercises. Opportunities to engage children’s senses and movements allow them to independently explore the natural and physical world around them in an unstructured setting, providing numerous benefits to their development!

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Trampoline Bounce Boards: Reinvent the Way You Bounce

With the continuing rise of action sports such as gymnastics, ninja, snowboarding, skateboarding and more, the ways in which kids train, practice and learn are expanding. Coaches, athletes and parents alike are being drawn in by opportunities that provide a safe space to truly push the boundaries of safety and skill set. With so many trampoline parks, foam pits, virtual reality, simulation experiences and more, children are able to get comfortable trying a new trick or skill with a lessened worry of injuring themselves. 

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How To Play Kickball

Are you getting geared up for a field day, birthday party or just a friendly game with your crew? Kickball is your go to!

The rules are simple, the set-up is even simpler and great memories are bound to be made! You don’t need much to set up the playing field, and we have made it even easier for you by creating this Ultimate Kickball Kit!

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Kidtrix Tips  and How To's

You may have found yourself here looking for help on how to properly install your brand new Playzone-fit Kidtrix Doorway Swing or, maybe you landed here as you are doing your research on the item before purchasing. Either way, you’re in the right place! This new and exciting item has taken off quite quickly since it first launched in 2020 and has worked wonders in homes everywhere for families looking for a way to keep kids active and entertained while stuck inside!

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