Kidtrix Tips and How To's

Kidtrix Tips  and How To's

You may have found yourself here looking for help on how to properly install your brand new Playzone-fit Kidtrix Doorway Swing or, maybe you landed here as you are doing your research on the item before purchasing. Either way, you’re in the right place! This new and exciting item has taken off quite quickly since it first launched in 2020 and has worked wonders in homes everywhere for families looking for a way to keep kids active and entertained while stuck inside!

For any quick questions you have, you may find the answer you’re looking for on our Frequently Asked Questions page. You can also download the most updated version of the Kidtrix Instructions on our Instructions page or at this link: Kidtrix Instructions. Follow along here for more details and an in-depth breakdown of the product and all of its parts and pieces! 

Why choose the Kidtrix over other doorway bars/swings?

First of all, you are the COOLEST for finding a way to bring the park to your kids! You should know that the toys you’re trusting with your rambunctious children are safe and reliable.

So, WHY is the Kidtrix any better or different than other doorway gyms? The answer is in the design. The everyday doorway bar that may be used as a home gym is meant to withstand vertical weight and vertical weight ONLY for exercises such as pull-ups. Our uniquely designed and patented Kidtrix not only braces the doorjamb but contains a vice grip to ensure security while swinging and pulling on the bar in any direction!

Compatible Doorways

Before installing your Kidtrix Doorway System or Deluxe Kidtrix, take a look at the doorway to make sure it checks off as one of the compatible doorways. Please note that not every doorway will work with this system.

If your doorway resembles any of the examples listed below, do not install the Kidtrix there. You will need to find a more compatible frame to set up the bar safely and properly. We know you are eager to play, but safety comes first!

Your doorframe is compatible if it meets each of these requirements:

If you are still unsure if the location you have selected for installation is compatible, please feel free reach out, and our Customer Service team will be happy to assist you! 

Safe and Proper Installation of the Bar

In addition to the detailed instructions you should have received with your kit, there are a few points we want to highlight for you. These are crucial details you will need to keep in mind during installation to ensure the setup is safe and ready to perform its intended function.

  • You must extend both sides of the bar by twisting until it fits the frame. In order to expand, twist the locking sleeve with straight edge counter clockwise and the locking sleeve with the curved edge clockwise. See below.
  • The blue brackets must be positioned with the arrows pointing UPWARD. This is not a feature that is flexible or able to be overlooked. If the brackets are positioned incorrectly in the doorframe, the safety of the bar will be compromised and there is a potential that the bar will fall, causing a risk for injury.
  • As you are assembling the bar with the brackets, you will want to triple check that each end of the bar is locked into place with the notch on the inside of each bracket as shown below. This is to prevent twisting.

  • Once the bar and brackets are assembled and you have the bar at the desired height, you are ready to fit it into the doorframe and lock in place. You will notice that the gravity wedges naturally slide upwards as you twist to tighten the bar within the frame. NEVER EXTEND THE BAR FULLY WITHOUT THE GRAVITY WEDGE LOCKED IN PLACE AS SHOWN IN THE FIGURE BELOW WITH THE GREEN CHECK.
  • The video below demonstrates how to lock the bracket into place before fully extending and tightening the bar to fit the frame.

  • The locked position should look as follows in the drawing and in the image.

Safely and properly conducting the mandatory stress load test

  • Using a 150lb weight or an adult of approximately 150lbs, gradually apply the weight until fully supported by the bar.
  • If you hear ANY cracking, see any movement or splintering, or feel it is unsafe, thoroughly inspect the unit.
  • With initial installation, the doorway will expand slightly as you increase pressure on the bar. This is normal. You may need to continue to push the bar up while also expanding the bar until the gravity wedge remains in the locked position. Repeat this process until the doorframe no longer moves during stress load testing and the gravity wedge stays locked. Please refer back to image above to view locked position.
  • Any damaged parts can and should be replaced by b4Adventure. Please do not replace any of the pieces with any parts or hardware that are not designed and manufactured by b4Adventure for this product.

Properly Installing and Switching out Kidtrix Accessories

Properly installing the black daisy chain straps is necessary to ensure the safety and functionality of the Kidtrix. When attaching the straps to the bar, the D-rings (shown below) are meant to secure the straps around the bar. DO NOT HOOK THE ACCESSORIES AND DELTA CLIPS TO THE D-RINGS.

The rings should rest against the fabric on the bar with the straps hanging below as shown here circled in green:


Once your Kidtrix is all set up and you have ensured it is safe through proper testing, you are ready to play and have FUN! As always, if you encounter any issues during setup or usage, missing or defective parts, or have any general questions or concerns, please go to our contact page, and our customer service will get to you as soon as possible.

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