How To Play Kickball

How To Play Kickball

Are you getting geared up for a field day, birthday party or just a friendly game with your crew? Kickball is your go to!

The rules are simple, the set-up is even simpler and great memories are bound to be made! You don’t need much to set up the playing field, and we have made it even easier for you by creating this Ultimate Kickball Kit!

Now that you have the supplies, here is how to set up the field and play the game:

  • Set up the bases in the shape of a diamond with the home plate at the bottom point
  • The pitcher should stand in the center of all four bases on the “mound”
  • A typical game has 9 players on the field:
    • Pitcher
    • Catcher
    • First baseman
    • Second baseman
    • Short stop
    • Third baseman
    • Right field
    • Center field
    • Left field
  • Choose the number of innings you want your game to include.
  • The game begins when the first kicker stands behind the home plate and the pitcher rolls the ball to them
  • The goal of the kicker is to kick the ball into the field within the baselines
  • Once the kicker has successfully kicked the ball into play, the kicker runs to as many bases they can get to without the ball touching them or one of the opposing team members tagging them out
  • The team on the field can get any kicker out by catching the ball before it hits the ground, tagging the runner with the ball (no pegging!), or tagging a base with ball in hand before the runner is able to tag the base.
  • Once a kicker makes it onto one of the bases, they can either steal a base or run to the next one when another one of their teammates kicks the ball into play.
  • The only way to earn points is for a player on the kicking team to make it all around the field and back to home base.
  • Once the field players have gotten 3 “outs” it is time for the two teams to trade positions. The inning ends when both teams get 3 outs.
  • The team with the most points at the end of the game wins!

All six pieces included in the kit store easily in the included drawstring mesh bag, which can easily go with you to backyard gatherings, the park, beach, or even camping! What are you waiting for? Let’s play...kickball!

Check out our Ultimate Kickball Kit here!


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