St. Patrick's Day and Its Traditions
He’s credited with introducing Christianity and driving snakes out of Ireland; even though there’s some speculation around whether his life is more fiction than fact, I can safely say that St. Patrick is a symbol of Irish culture. St. Patrick’s Day isn’t only a celebration for the man, but a celebration for Ireland! 
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How To Play Kickball

Are you getting geared up for a field day, birthday party or just a friendly game with your crew? Kickball is your go to!

The rules are simple, the set-up is even simpler and great memories are bound to be made! You don’t need much to set up the playing field, and we have made it even easier for you by creating this Ultimate Kickball Kit!

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The Most Important Components in a Backyard Obstacle Course for Kids
As lovers and supporters of indoor AND outdoor active lifestyles and activities, we here at Bolder Play found ourselves heavily immersed in the ninja world and have partnered with American Ninja Warrior themselves to create ninja obstacles and courses to help your crew unleash their inner ninja warrior skills anywhere, any timeTo create these courses, we need to know the best and most beneficial components to include in a course that will keep you active, healthy, and hungry for a bigger challenge!  
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10 Activities To Add Adventure To Your Holiday Gathering
Let the holidays this year be the start to amazing traditions and memories when you add some excitement and adventure with one of these games and activities! Take a look at this range of options from games, to obstacle courses, to real adventure gear and find the perfect way for your crew to have some fun and make memories!
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