Toys + Imagination

Toys + Imagination

A child’s imagination is a beautiful thing. I only wish I had the same boundless imagination I had when I was a kid; I would never get bored, and I wouldn’t have to depend on Netflix so much for entertainment (I guess I could read a book instead of Netflix…eh). They’re able to spend hours at a time playing pretend. A child’s imagination is what keeps the toy business thriving! A toy isn’t whole until imagination is applied to it. 

Barbie is a doll–after imagination, Barbie becomes a princess or an accomplished astronaut (it’s 2022). Legos are just plastic bricks made to destroy bare feet–after imagination, they become a giant tower or a UFO. The same goes for the Stairslide! Aside from turning boring stairs into a nifty slide, the Stairslide can be used in many ways. Asking the parents in the Stairslide office, we found some fun real-life Stairslide uses. 

Stairslide is a racetrack.

  • “My boys love to put their cars down it!”
  • “They put all their hot wheels down the slide to see which car is fastest.”
  • “They love to race their pinewood derby cars on the Stairslide!”

Stairslide is for extreme off-roading.

  • “He has a remote control car that he tries to drive up the slide. It doesn’t have enough power to make it, but he thinks that’s funny in itself.”

Stairslide is in Raiders of the Lost Ark.

(tbh, kids probably aren’t imagining Harrison Ford sprinting down their Stairslide) 

  • “We have a giant bouncy ball that they kick up the slide; They have fun watching it roll back down.”
  • he throws ‘ball pit’ balls on his slide and gets a kick out of them.”


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