How Did You Use to Slide?

How Did You Use to Slide?

Stairsliding without a Stairslide? 

Even if our parents told us not to play on the stairs, we still did it. Now, as the parents, we seem to forget; no matter how much we say to our kids NOT to play on the stairs, they will find a way. 


Personally, my three brothers and I would make an event of it. Surprisingly enough, we never broke any limbs; it must’ve been due to how much milk we drank. Whenever our mom finally got us to wash our sheets, we would lump the bedding into a snowball of fabric, wiggle our little bodies right in the middle, and fly down the stairs. And as I’m writing this, I’m beginning to realize we were playing in dirty laundry the whole time. I’m retrospectively grossed out.

How did you use to slide? Don’t say you didn’t; it’s not healthy to lie to yourself. Did you slide down in a laundry basket to receive a first-hand lesson on why helmets were invented? Or did you slide down on a pillow, bumping your tailbone on each and every step?

Thank goodness we have the Stairslide now. No worrying about your kids sliding in the dirty laundry (I still can’t believe I did that) or tumbling down in a flimsy laundry basket.

With the Stairslide, it takes the previously dangerous sport of improvised stair sliding and turns it into a sliding experience your kiddo would have at your local playground. The difference is that it’s inside, and you have control over how fast it is (the more slide sections, the faster it’ll be).

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