Hi, My Name Is Lucy

Hi, My Name Is Lucy

You must’ve been guessing who’s been writing these posts. If you haven’t, then this is very embarrassing; I shouldn’t have assumed–you know what they say about assuming, it’s rude, and it might get you in an awkward situation (doesn’t really roll off the tongue. They really should have thought of another saying). As you might’ve guessed from the title, my name is Lucy! I’m the head writer and a fan of Stairslide.

I’m originally from Bountiful, Utah, so you can imagine how homesick I get working for Stairslide located in Lindon, Utah. That’s almost a full hour away. Somehow, I pull through. I’m very brave. I have a degree in Creative Writing from Utah Valley University–that’s why my writing is so creative, obviously.

I love arts and crafts, like embroidery, painting, collaging, etc. Essentially, I love taking something plain and simple and making it one-of-a-kind and more ‘me’, i.e., the pictured painted Stairslide. I’m a homebody too. Before you start to think I’m a hermit, you should know I have a black cat named Gary. So, don’t think I’m a hermit; know that I am. 

It’s a joy to work for Stairslide and write about a product that I’m really excited about. Yes, Stairslide is a child’s toy. Do I have any children? No. Do I often slide down the Stairslide set up in the office for a boost of Serotonin? Most definitely, yes. There is a weight limit, but there isn’t an age limit. Loophole! I’m making up for all those years I had to walk down the boring non-sliding stairs.

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