You Guys Are TOO Cute!

You Guys Are TOO Cute!


We recently held a giveaway over Instagram for a stuffed animal penguin and have selected a winner! This was no easy task; all the entries were too cute! I wish we had more penguins to hand out, but they are an endangered species; of course, I'm only kidding (about the reason we don't have more to give away, not about the endangerment). We only had one penguin to give away because it was a prototype and therefore one-of-a-kind!

Our one and only prototype plushie penguin now has a new home and a new name! From the very cold Utah to the considerably warmer California, the penguin traveled to Vivian and her daughter who then named him Walter. Isn’t that name incredibly fitting for a penguin? 

As stated before, all video entries were very cute. This is why I would like to dedicate this blog post to show Vivian’s and a few other adorable customer videos that were entered, so you can understand how difficult this decision was.



Every Christmas morning should feature matching pajamas!


They're zooming!


Their landing set-up looks so soft!

The Stairslide set-up for their twins is absolutely charming 

Running up and down the stairs, it looks like they're having so much fun!

We are planning to have more giveaways in the future, so follow our instagram @stairslide to keep up-to-date and possibly win upcoming giveaways!

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