Taking the Ground Out of Playground: Why Kids Should Be Slackers

Taking the Ground Out of Playground: Why Kids Should Be Slackers

This year, Slackers celebrates 10 years of being a brand. 10 years of:

playing in the air, taking the ground out of playground, elevating the way kids play, soaking up the sunshine, embracing the great outdoors and backyard adventure, ninja warrior training, and most importantly...10 years of being Slackers!

What is a Slacker?

When you think of a “slacker”, what comes to mind? Probably words like lazy, procrastinator, sluggish, couch potato...right? Not here.

It’s quite opposite of that, actually! To us, ADVENTURE is for SLACKERS!

When you step into the world of Slackers backyard adventures, you step into a brand and lifestyle that encourages kids to reach for the skies, overcome their fears, and live out their backyard dreams!

Born and raised in the heart of Denver, Colorado, Founder, Ed O’Brien, grew up living and loving a life full of outdoor adventures. From there, he set out on a mission to make sure kids and families everywhere had the access to experience the thrill of the outdoors just like he did, even if it meant in their very own backyards.

Who are Slackers?

We invite and welcome anyone who wants to join us on our journey of outdoor exploration. Slackers connects with the growing adventure goers, tiny thrill seekers and adrenaline junkies in training. We call all movers and doers, nature lovers and competitive spirits to join the Slackers family.

Where did Slackers begin?

Slackers started with ziplines and slacklines and eventually made a big impact in the Ninja Warrior world with the invention of the Slackers Ninjaline!

Now, you can find everything from rock climbing holds, swings and ninja obstacles to treehouses, ropes courses and even innovative creations like the Build-A-Branch that provide access to the excitement of the outdoors for those who may have had some barriers in the past.

Following every family’s experience in 2020, Slackers has a drive now more than ever to continue to take the ground out of playground!

Why Slackers?

As we continue to expand and grow, Slackers gear can be found in homes far and wide in all different corners of the world. We are constantly learning and growing and truly defining our “why”.

Why do we do what we do?

Why do we want Slackers to be known around the world, taking families all over for an adventurous ride, day in and day out?

It’s pretty simple: kids! We do it for kids!

There is a long, almost never-ending list of reasons why physical activity and time in the outdoors is good for overall health. There is magic in the outdoors that provides healing to mental, physical and emotional health. At the end of the day, who doesn’t feel good after some time spent amongst the trees, under the warm sun and maybe even some adrenaline pumping! The smiles and the laughter are just the cherry on top to making a difference in the quality of life in our communities.

Bringing people together in the beautiful outdoors and providing the tools to engage in adventurous activities almost any time and anywhere is what Slackers does. Providing families and friends a way to bond amongst a community of out-of-the-box thinkers and doers is why Slackers began...and we aren’t stopping anytime soon!

So, is your family a bunch of Slackers?

Are your kids positive thinking, adventure seeking, sunshine soaking team players? Tree climbing and fresh air loving outdoor enthusiasts in training that just want to PLAY?!

Are they SLACKERS?

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