Recreate Childlike Play This Summer with Your Family

Recreate Childlike Play This Summer with Your Family


To kick off summer with a bang, let’s fill the warm season with intentional activities that make room for family time and, of course, play. 


Do you remember when you were a kid?

You would wake up, rub your eyes, uncover yourself from your sheets and meet the day with eagerness. Our minds never put a cap on fun. We would come up with endless games of make believe. We would run through the grass till our bodies couldn’t go any further. We would jump in puddles, make mud pies, splash in the pool and giggle at the silliest things.

“It’s time for dinner,” mom would call after a long day of squeezing in as much fun under the sun as we could. The day would end with a nourishing meal that filled our bellies with the feeling of home.

Then, our tiny fists would rub our eyes as we desperately fought the tiredness; a cue for mom it’s time for bed. A nighttime story. A good tucking in. And ten hours later, a full new day of possibilities.

Here's Our Challenge

This summer, let's recreate the nostalgia of childlike play. Let’s be like children again. Let ourselves rise early with that same eagerness to explore and adventure and make memories with our families we won’t soon forget.

Play's Impact

Playing not only helps children create lasting memories. Dr. Lockwood, a pediatrician at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, says it also “promotes active engagement with their peers and the natural environment, and helps them develop respect for the world and consideration for others around them.” A great reason to prioritize some childlike play this summer.

Does play also benefit adults with the same outcome? A study done to test the effects of play in adults, provides evidence that prioritizing play in an adult’s life will create an overall feeling of creativity, zest and hope. Other positive benefits include an increase in creativity and a greater appreciation for beauty. Just another reason to join in on the fun with your kids this summer. 

These resources clearly prove that, whether a child or an adult, all people alike should intentionally make play, especially outside, a necessary part of their lifestyle.

Dr. Lockwood adds, “scheduling time to actively play outdoors sets a natural limit on the amount of time your child can spend with a device (such as TV, smartphone or video game).” Although this is directed to children, the same principles apply to adults. 

Recreate Childhood Play

Let’s take it back to the beginning. Do you remember those long days of summertime sunshine you had as a kid; when you would come home exhausted, yet completely in love with life?

Don’t leave the good old days in the past. Live now with your family! Recreate those memories of childhood play with your kids. If you have to, block off time on your calender to take it all in. The endless games of make believe. The hours spent running through your backyard. The moments of bliss as you hike and camp and breath in the mountain air. The silly giggles and feelings of appreciation, gratitude and feeling pooped after a long day of play.

Summertime Ideas

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