Parent's Guide To Yes Day

Parent's Guide To Yes Day

In 2021, the fun family comedy "Yes Day" premiered on Netflix; starring Jennifer Garner and Edgar Ramirez with Jenny Ortega, Everly Carganilla and Julian Lerner, as their children. 

Allison Torrez grew up saying yes to everything: sky diving, rock climbing, adventuring through the world and experiencing new people, places and cultures. When she met her husband Carlos, she continued living it up with him, doing fun things and making memories together. 

One kid after another, she started saying no. No to jumping on the bed. No to strapping each other in rockets and attempting to launch each other  in the air. No to play dates because of late assignments.

Fun Killer. Bad Cop. Spoil sport. Allison realized Katie, Ellie and Evan weren't far off. They never met the outgoing and exciting person she was before. One of their teachers, Mr. Deacon, offered she and Carlos some advice. "Have a yes day," he said. 

We aren't going to spoil the rest of the story, but you can assume that this family takes Mr. Deacon's advice. If you're curious about how to plan your own yes day, go watch the comedy and check out the guide below.

parent's guide to yes day

When you give your children the authority to make their own decisions for 24 hours, they'll feel a sense of independence. They'll feel the trust you have for them. Yes day's are perfect for creating quality family time and making unique memories you normally wouldn't make otherwise. 

When you're ready to plan your yes day, let your children make a list of five things they want to do. It may be scary to find out what crazy things they'll come up with, but this day will go down in your families history books! 

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