Our Favorite Fall Activites

Our Favorite Fall Activites

We often get caught up in the fast-paced culture of today’s society. Where it’s easy to fall into the pattern of wake up, go to work, come home, eat dinner and repeat. Consider this as an invitation for you to get out of the monotony of life. Consider these words as permission to be proactive about how you plan your time with your family during the fall season. 

Take advantage of the last fleeting bits of fall’s warmth by going outside, laughing, remembering the nostalgic memories you made as a kid and recreating those memories with your children. They’ll look back on them with fondness, just as you do. Use the fall activity suggestions below to help you decide what activities would be fun for your family to enjoy together.


Caramel Apples

Make caramel Apples. Imagine looking out the window as the brisk air of fall rolls in and the sun begins to hide behind the horizon; and you and your family gather around the kitchen counter in the comfort of your own home. The scent of melted caramel pairs well with the maple scented candle, who’s light flickers in the corner of your family room. Festive music plays in the background and adds to the coziness to the evening. 

A pot of hot caramel and white bowls of crushed m&m’s and graham crackers wait for happy sounds of children, bantering over which toppings they want to decorate with first. Chuckles and squeals explode over the music, filling the home with warmth and love.

With anticipation, kids with sticky hands and excited bellies lean over the caramel apples, to taste-test their homemade treats. Everyone sits around the fireplace in soft minky blankets, while drinking hot chocolate and talking, as the evening comes to a slow end.

caramel apples

Jumping in Leaves

There’s something about crunchy leaves that catches the attention of any childs heart. “There’s a bunch of leaves in the backyard. Let’s put them in a pile and jump in them!” she says to her friends. It’s naturally the only logical solution to the situation of course! 

Do you remember the fun you had when you jumped in mountains of leaves for hours at a time? So, plan a whole day around it. Throw beanies and light jackets on the kids. Play their favorite tunes and JUMP! Try to let go of any distractions you have and be there, fully present and engaged in the moment with your tiny miracles. 

little boy jumping in a pile of leaves

Pumplin Patches 

Pumpkin patches, apple cider donuts, ax throwing, archery, ring toss, giant slides, photo booths, kids games: it’s a child’s playground. Spend a couple hours finding your way through endless rows of corn. If you’re brave, let your kids choose where to go. You may get lost, but it’ll be a laugh.

Then take part in one of the most traditional fall activities there is afterwords. Pumpkin carving! As per usual, let the kids go wild with their creations, and afterwords place the scary faces on the front porch for the trick or treaters to admire. 

Two pumpkins with a trick or treat sign hanging on the stem of one of the pumpkins

Trick or Treating

Speaking of trick or treating, it doesn’t feel like fall without this halloween tradition. Costumes and candy: is there any better combo? Not to your kiddos! Usually we get in the rhythm of helping them choose a costume. “What do you want to be for halloween?” we say. 

Here’s a challenge for you. Dress up with your kids. Ask yourself, “what do I want to be?” It may feel silly, but apart from sugar and scares, halloween is a time for any age to find their inner child; where you can look at the world with eyes of wonder, imagination and pure excitement. 

little girl dressed in a Snow White costume holding her dads hand as he holds her purple pumpkin candy basket

Go on a Hike 

As simple as this may be, part of the beauty of fall comes from being outside, feeling the weather change and witnessing the leaves go from green to deep reds, faded oranges and bright yellows. Not only is hiking pleasant to the eye and great for good conversation, studies show that hiking also has an effect on our mental health.

One study shows that in just 15 minutes spending time outside positively effects our energy. Another study shows, when you bump that up to 90 minutes our mood changes and our brains become less susceptible to depression. 

With this added bonus in mind, before the last leaf falls and the winter cold settles in, plan a couple hikes into the week with your family. If it’s not a hike, make it a trip to the park or a car ride into the mountains with the windows down. 

three little boys sitting down and leaning against a tree in the fall

Whatever you do, take advantage of the fall season! Eat caramel apples. Jump in piles of leaves. Go trick or treating. But don’t stop there. Play hard and have fun! 

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