Fun Family Halloween Costume Ideas

Fun Family Halloween Costume Ideas

It’s that time of year again. Spooky season. It’s the time of year when summer heat fades, and the cool breeze of fall settles in. Apple cider, candy corn, pumpkin patches, hay rides, fall festivals, crunchy leaves. It's every childs dream. Then, when you add Halloween into the mix, candy, costumes and chills turn this season into a child’s paradise. 

Around the world children go from house to house, in search of the best house with the best candy. “Trick or Treat,” they say. When the night ends, pillow cases and large garbage bags full of candy splatter on the floor. Kids sit for hours sorting the candy, stuffing their mouths with candy and hoarding the candy in places no one else would dare find it. Except you, when you sneak some candy for a late night treat. 

Even though, with Halloween comes sugar highs and over tired children, we can’t help but fall into the magic of witches, princes and princesses, ghosts and other make believe characters. So, add to the excitement this year by trying these fun family costume ideas you can use for trick or treating or your annual costume party. Feel free to cater the costume ideas to the number of people you have in your family.   

Little girl outside staring a cauldron with green fog rising above her.

Peter Pan 

The movie, Peter Pan, is a beloved classic. Wendy Darling, Peter Pan, Tinker Bell and the lost boys warm our hearts and make us want to stay young forever. Play pretend this Halloween with your kids. Let them choose which character they want to be, and show up in style as the whole band of lost boys, with Peter Pan and Wendy and her dog Nana. 

Lion King 

In 1994, The Lion King premiered in theaters and quickly became one of the classic sing-along Disney movies in history. Introduce your children to the touching storyline you loved as a child, by watching the movie with your children before Halloween. Then let your children choose which characters they want to be. For ideas, you could be Simba and Naula, while your kids dress up as Mufasa, Scar and even the silly toucan Zazu. 


The movie, Incredibles, is a little kid movie favorite. The superheros and their powers easily entertain children, which is why they’ll have no problem playing superhero for the night. Dress as Mr. and Mrs. Incredibles, and let your kids dress as Jack Jack, Violet and Dash. Do you have more children?  Tag along Frozone and Edna E. Mode, the creator behind the Incredibles iconic red suits.You can use  the superhero idea with Marvel and DC characters. 

Brothers in Spiderman and Captain America costumers hugging and smiling to the camera

Wizard of Oz

We can’t forget one of the first movies ever filmed in color. The wonderful land of Oz captivated everyone in the late 1930’s, with Dorothy and her red shoes, the Good Witch of The North and Dorothy’s friends, the Tin Man, Cowardly Lion, Scare Crow and we can’t forget her little dog too. Dress up as any of these characters with your family. It’ll be a Halloween to remember.

Toy Story

If you go all out with this idea, people will stop you on the streets with compliments. Be Mrs. Bow Peep and Woody or Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head, or any other characters you’d like. Then let your children choose from the other Toy Story characters. Slinky dog can be a two person costume. Let one child be the head and another be the end. Attach a circular wire to the back of each child to create a slinky. Bow Peep’s sheep, Buzz Lightyear, the green space aliens and Rex make fun additions to a family night of trick or treating or an evening costume party. 

Toy story characters infant of kid walking into school.


It wouldn’t be Halloween if Disney princesses weren’t involved. If you have an infant or toddler, trick or treat as Flin Rider, Rapunzel and her pet chameleon, Pascal. If you have a smaller family, you may also want to team up with family and friends to complete the other characters in Tangled. Throw in Rapunzel’s evil mother, Gothel, Flin’s horse, Maximus, and the not-so-scary thugs Rapunzel meets at the Cozy Duckling. 

Harry Potter

Make the magic of Halloween come to life for your children by dressing up as the characters from Harry Potter. You must remember the three amigos Hermoine, Ron and Harry first. And for fun, invite your extended family along to fill in the other story characters like Dumbledore, Malfoy, Haggrid, Jinny Wesley, Luna, Nevel, Voldemort and the courageous Dobby. Add to enchanting world of Hogwarts, by hosting your own party where you serve butterbeer and cauldron cakes. 

Hogwarts student brewing a potion with fog rolling from the cauldron to table with lit candles and spell books on it.


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