EPIC Family Reunion Outdoor Games Everyone Will Love

Family reunion outdoor games

When it comes to planning games for your family reunion, you want ones that will make everyone ditch their phones and get involved. We're talking about family reunion outdoor games that will have your Aunt show off her secret kickball skills, and Grandpa give it his all during the sack race.

Whether you're looking for team-building activities or simply want to create memories that will last generations (and potentially embarrass some relatives along the way), these epic outdoor games will do the trick. So grab the juice boxes, lace up those sneakers, and get ready for an unforgettable day of bonding with your crazy but lovable family members.

Top 5 Family Reunion Outdoor Games

1. Wacky Obstacle Race

Obstacle course kit

Imagine Grandma showing off her speediness as she tackles the sack race or Uncle Bob triumphantly conquering the dizzy spin race like a true speed demon. Obstacle courses are perfect for almost all ages and fitness levels; so everyone can participate and have a blast. Get ready to laugh until your stomach hurts with this unique family reunion game, don’t say we didn’t warn you!

How To Play

Pair up in teams of two and quickly navigate through six different obstacle courses. Have someone time each race. The team who completes the obstacle course the fastest wins! Here are some ideas from the Bolder Play Wacky Race Set for an unforgettable obstacle course:

  • Hop sack race. Have a team-member step inside a hop sack and jump toward the next obstacle.
  • Nose nudge. The next partner crawls on the ground using their nose to nudge an inflatable ball toward another obstacle.
  • Water Transfer Helmet. Both teammates wear helmets with cups on top; one player fills their cup with water and runs to their teammate to pour the water into the cup on top of their helmet.
  • 3-Legged Race. Both team members lock legs using an adjustable elastic band to race together to the next obstacle.
  • Wizzy Dizzy. One partner places their forehead on a wooden dowel stake in the ground spinning five times around, and then runs towards the next obstacle.
  • Knee Walkers. One teammate walks as fast as possible, holding a stick in place between their knees to the finish line.

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2. Family Reunion Outdoor Games: Beanbag Toss

Bean bag toss game

Beanbag toss, also known as cornhole or bags, is the perfect outdoor game for family reunions. Why? Well, first of all, it's suitable for all ages. Whether you're a spry youngster or a seasoned adult with creaky joints (we won't judge), beanbag toss allows everyone to participate and have a blast. And let's not forget about the friendly family rivalry that comes along with it. There's nothing quite like watching your cousin Gary try to show off his aim, only to miss the target entirely and send his beanbag flying into Aunt Mildred's potato salad–whoopsies!

How To Play

  1. Stand up the beanbag game board.
  2. Mark a starting line 27 feet from the board–this is where you toss from.
  3. Players will try to toss their bean bags (5 at a time) into the game board hole.
  4. Bags that make it into the hole are three points, and bags that land on the board are one point.
  5. Whoever reaches 21 points first wins!

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3. Kickball

Kickball game kit

Kickball stands apart from other outdoor games in our book. For starters, it doesn't require any fancy equipment or complicated rules. All you need is a big rubber ball, something to mark as bases, and open space to run around–preferably away from windows. We also love that it encourages teamwork and friendly competition. In this game, it's not about individual skill or technique. Kickball is about coming together as a family to have fun while trying to crush the competition. And let's face it; nothing brings out your family spirit quite like seeing your little niece sprinting towards home plate with determination in her eyes.

How To Play

  1. Set up four base markers in the shape of a diamond.
  2. Divide players into two teams. One team starts off kicking, and the other is in the field.
  3. Have the first kicker stand behind the home plate while the pitcher rolls the ball to them.
  4. The kicker will kick the ball into the field and run to as many bases as possible.
  5. The team on the field will try and get the kicker out by either catching the ball before it hits the ground or by tagging them with the ball while they're running between bases.
  6. If the kicker makes it all the way around the bases without tagging out, they get one point.
  7. Choose the number of innings you want your game to include, and whoever has the most points by the end wins.

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4. Mini Obstacle Course

Toddler obstacle course

If you’re expecting little ones at your family reunion, setting up their own mini-game is a must. This way, they can have their own perfectly sized game and still feel included in the fun. We love miniature obstacle courses because we love seeing the joy on little ones’ faces as they leap through hurdles, stretch under limbo bars, and practice their balance while speeding through agility rings. It's like a miniature version of a challenging adult obstacle course, but cuter and with more sweet giggles!

How To Play

Have two players line up at a starting line and race through the obstacle course as fast as possible. Whoever finishes the fastest wins! Here are some obstacle course ideas from the Bolder Play Obstacle Course Race Set for little ones:

  • Hop balls. Jump on kid-sized yoga balls racing to the next obstacle.
  • Hurdle jump. Run and jump over a hurdle set as fast as possible without knocking it over.
  • Limbo. Each player will get low and limbo their way under a horizontal bar.
  • Agility rings. Players will race to the finish line carefully, stepping through agility rings without touching them.

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5. Family Reunion Outdoor Games: Ninja Warrior Race!

Ninja warrior obstacle course

Why settle for dull outdoor games when you can turn your family reunion into an action-packed adventure? Make it American Ninja Warrior themed and set up an agility race for your competitive family members. Watch Aunt Suzie swing her way from monkey bars to rope knots as she tries to hold on for dear life. Don’t forget about that exhilarating look in your cousin’s eyes as they bring out their inner ninja warrior, easily beating everyone's highest scores.

How To Play

  1. Set up monkey bars, rope knots, gym rings, traverse rings, and grip clips in whatever order you desire, based on how difficult the course is.
  2. Have players line up and swing through the course without touching the ground.
  3. Players must start from the beginning and try again if any body part touches the ground.
  4. The person who makes it through the course the fastest wins

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