Crazy Home Features (and their affordable alternatives)

Crazy Home Features (and their affordable alternatives)

Who else enjoys looking at expensive houses and their one-of-a-kind renovations? Well, I do. I don't know it it's masochism, voyeurism, or pure curiosity(ism), but I love seeing extremely luxurious home features that I wouldn't be able to spy on without the aid of the internet.

There's a chance that I could get rich enough to build one of these awesome features into my gold encrusted mansion, but I'm a writer, so I won't hold my breath. Plus, why should I wait to love my home?

The most expensive option isn't the only option for revamping your crib (did you know MTV Cribs came back last year?). With a pinch of creativity, your home can be just as fun. The following is what I came up with for alternatives (and their prices), but don't let me restrict you; the only limit is your imagination. 


home theater

Most people love the theater. And I definitely see the appeal of having that same experience in the comfort of your home, but a home theater comes with a hefty price tag.

According to HomeAdvisor, a person can expect to pay an average of $17,500 to install a home theater system, but the actual cost range could range between $2,000 to $63,000. The price really depends on what kind of projector you get. 

$328.98 to $1,449.41

In my opinion, I think going the thrifty route instead of installing an actual home theater is way more fun. What if you want to do an outdoor movie? Your makeshift theater can easily follow you outside! But an actual home theater doesn't allow for much flexibility in location.


+ $89.99 ($)



+ $199.99 ($$)


+ $499.99 ($$$)


Popcorn Maker

+ $39.99 ($)

popcorn maker


+ $99.95 ($$)

popcorn maker


+ $269.99 ($$$)

popcorn maker


Mini Fridge

+ $199.99 ($)

mini fridge


+ $279.99 ($$)

mini fridge


+ $ 352.36 ($$$)

mini fridge



The bean bag is totally optional and the one I have listed is BIG. Big enough to fit a small family.

+ $300

bean bag


hammock reading area

I tried to find an estimate for this and came up empty, but I don't think it would be too expensive to assemble. The drawback is you'd need the right type of space that is usually only available in more expensive homes, like multiple floors with enough room so as not to feel overcrowded. If you don't have the space, replicating this cool feature doesn't seem possible, BUT replicating the effect is easy!

It's basically a hammock reading nook, right?

$104.98 to $519.98

If you don't have the space to accommodate a full hammock, a hanging swing is an easy fix! They have swings for kids and adults, and while the kids option is cute, I think a bigger swing makes more sense for longevity. 


+ $31.99 ($)



+ $38.99 ($)



+ For Kids $102.99 ($$)



+ $128.88 ($$)



+ With Stand $269.99 ($$$)






+ $72.99 ($)



+ $109.99 ($$)



+ $249.99 ($$$) 



Look, I'll admit it; there's some really cool built-in indoor slides on the internet. 


indoor slide

Look! Here's a secret slide! It reminds me of...secret tunnels... (Nacho Libre, anybody?).

indoor slide

Let's have a giggle-break so you can understand my movie reference. 

From my research, the price tag for a built-in slide is AT LEAST a couple thousands on top of hiring an architect. Or you can outsmart the system and set aside 4 years at your local university to become an architect yourself...

OR StairSlide!


Surprise! A blog on an eCommerce site is slightly promotional! Who would've known? 😅

But seriously, StairSlide is an awesome solution to not having the space or funds for a built-in indoor slide. It's the ingenious in-between sliding down in a laundry basket (which is bound to end in a head injury) and dropping thousands on a one-of-a-kind home fixture. 

Okay, I've filled my StairSlide nerd-out quota for the day. Next cool feature!


I'm not even sure what'd you call this--indoor koi pond. Okay, I guess I did know what to call it.

koi pond

Doesn't this look cool in a wannabe Bond villain way?

Based on my research, a quality koi pond could set you back somewhere between $5,000 to $60,000+. And that doesn't even include the maintenance and upkeep needed to ensure happy, healthy fishies. 

$17.50 - $69.99

For a practical alternative, you can get a fish tank! It's more cute than Bond villain cool, but they're a great way to add a little "something" to your home.

+ $49.99 ($)

fish tank


+ $69.99 ($$)

fish tank


OR go the super easy route and pretend you have a koi pond


koi sticker


As I said before, these are the alternatives that I could think of, but don't let that stop you! Is there another cool home fixture that I didn't name? What's your thrifty solution?  

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