Build-A-Branch Tips, Tricks, and How To's

Build-A-Branch Tips, Tricks, and How To's

Did you know that nearly 50% of tree branches in the yards of our homes are not compatible to hang swings from? Until now! The Build-A-Branch allows you to take any healthy tree- branches or no branches- and turn it into a swing tree!

The Slackers Build-A-Branch is the first of it’s kind, meaning there is nothing else like it out there! Along with the excitement, we realize there are a lot of questions you may have before investing in this new and innovative item for your backyard. Our experts have put their heads together to come up with a few issues you may run into when setting up your swing tree, so to save you some time and hassle, we have a solution ready for you!

What size tree will the Build-A-Branch work with?

The ratchet strap for the top bracket is 7’ long which will fit a tree with a diameter between 12-24” (37.6” circumference – 75.3” circumference).

The bottom ratchet strap you will receive is 20 feet long! Keep in mind that in order to set the BAB up safely and successfully, the bottom strap must be wrapped around the tree TWO times with just a bit of strap left over to be able to tighten the ratchet securely.

What kind of trees are compatible with the BAB?

Any healthy tree with a minimum of a 12” diameter will work with the BAB. Although any tree will work, certain types of trees will cooperate more easily with the set up of the build a branch. For example, if your only option for set up is a palm tree with smoother surfaces, you may find that the setup will initially feel less secure than suggested due to the slippery surface. No worries if this is the case, head to the next section and read more about how to ensure proper set up.

We recommend hanging your swing approximately 18” from the ground. So, depending on the length of your swing, you will need :

18” + length of the swing + approx. 50” of open space for the BAB on the tree

Example: 18”+ 72” (6ft swing length)+ 50”=140” (11.6’). Open space on the tree means that the space is free of branches or bends in the tree.

I feel that my Build-A-Branch is not secure enough. Am I doing something wrong?

In order to ensure the strap will not move, you want to focus on manually tightening the bottom strap as tightly as you can before you wrap the strap around a second time and begin tightening with the ratchet. Keep in mind this may be a two person job! This should be done during the initial installation of your Build-A-Branch, but is also a good technique to use the second and third time using the device, as the straps will naturally stretch just a bit after first time use.

Another feature to note is that there are also built in screw/ nail holes in the metal brackets. If you feel comfortable and are looking for that extra security, you are free to use nails or screws to offer additional security to your Build-A-Branch. It should not be necessary to use any type of nail or screw to make the product secure, but it is available as an option for certain tree owners.

Will the brackets on the Build-a-Branch damage our beautiful tree?

Although the Build-a-Branch will rest easily against most trees, there may be certain types of trees that contain a more sensitive surface, and this may result in markings or scratches on the bark. Our product development team has approved the usage of furniture pads at each of the corners of the brackets where it is most likely to scratch. The goal is to use something flexible so that when the bracket is tightened, the soft padding will form to the bracket for grip.

Hopefully, you now know everything you need to know to get your dream tree swing set up. The Build-A-Branch has taken off quickly this year, and has helped give so many kids and families the backyard set up of their dreams! Grab a Build-A-Branch and your favorite swing and make your vision come alive too! Find the Build-a-Branch now at Bolder PlayAmazon and Walmart!

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If you have any further questions, we are always happy to help in any way we can to bring adventure to your backyard!


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