9 Outdoor Games For Teenagers (Off Their Phones!)

Outdoor Games For Teenagers

Winters can be long and cold, and while it’s still totally possible to have fun outside (with plenty of warm layers, of course), summer is when the outdoors really get fun! There are endless opportunities to play outside when the sun is out, from team sports to solo adventures. But let’s face it, not everyone is the biggest fan of soccer, and not everyone likes going on hikes all alone. Summer is the time to gather with other people—school is out, the weather is blissful, and everyone just wants to have a good time together! 

If you’re planning any kind of party, whether it’s a birthday party with your closest friends or a neighborhood party with the intent of making new friends, you’ll want plenty of activities to spur interaction and fun conversations! From Ninja Slacklines, to ultimate kickball, you can bring summer camp right to your backyard. 

Sometimes, all teenagers need is an idea to roll with, so you may want to invest in a couple yard activities that will keep your kids off video games and make your backyard the “cool house” this summer. At Bolder Play—owned and run by parents—we find unique ways to help teenagers love being outside. We know outdoor time is incredibly important because it decreases depression and anxiety among young adults. These not-so-kids-anymore of ours need the sun just as much as the rest of us (if not more). So here are 9 super cool outdoor game ideas that hopefully your teens won’t poo-pah.

1.Outdoor Games For Teenagers: Cosmic Glow in the Dark Mini Golf

Outdoor Games For Teenagers:

Our Deluxe Cosmic Glow in the Dark Mini Golf 5-Hole Set is perfect for outdoor and indoor fun! Make sure to play it at night to get the most fun out of the glow in the dark features, whether you choose to set it up inside or outside. If indoors, you can set up the mini golf set in a relatively small space, making it perfect for any location. 

If you choose to set it up outside, then you can spread out the holes and other pieces for more of a challenge. Add some landmarks like small pools, sprinklers, buckets and plants to spice up game and keep them on their toes.

2.Outdoor Games For Teenagers: Jumbo Outdoor Chess and Checkers

jumbo chess set

If mind games are more your thing but you still love being outside in the summertime, our Jumbo 2-in-1 Chess and Checkers Set is the game for you! The playing mat can be used for either chess or checkers, depending on what strikes your fancy the most on any given day, and the pieces themselves are efficiently convertible, as the bases of the chess set are removable to become checkers pieces. The best part? The back of the playing mat is waterproof, making the game easy to play even if the grass is wet. 

3. Outdoor Games For Teenagers: Ultimate Kickball Kit!

summer games for kids

Our 4Fun Ultimate Kickball Kit includes everything you need to have the best kickball games of your life! Do you remember the special days in middle school when your P. E. teacher said that the schedule for that day was going to be a game of kickball? Was there ever anything better than that? Well, you don’t have to go back to school to play kickball, and neither do your kids! Round up a group of neighborhood friends, find a grassy field, and start up everyone’s favorite game. 

Our kickball kit comes with four bases—three square bases and one home plate—as well as a regulation size inflatable ball and a hand pump for keeping it ready to play with, as well as a drawstring bag to easily store everything so you can easily have it all on hand for whenever you get the chance to play ball.

4. Slackers Deluxe Ninjaline Kit


If adventure is calling to you and your teens this summer, then our Slackers Deluxe Ninjaline Kit is the outdoor game for you. This Ninjaline comes with 10 different obstacles that can be rearranged to create a variety of orders, which means you’ll never get bored! From monkey bar holds to a Ninja spinner wheel, and from gym rings to a Ninja climbing net, these obstacles are sure to challenge you, provide entertainment, and increase your strength the more you play. All you need are two points to anchor the slack of the Ninjaline to, such as two trees or other sturdy bases, and you’ll be good to go! 

The Ninja Slackline is always a hit because it is a unique challenge that will occupy kids and adults alike until mastery. The best part is, they will never get bored because there are endless accessory add-ons such as the Ninjaline Rickety Bridge, skate swing, and more.

5. Wicket Kick: Giant Kick Croquet

family reunion games

We can assure you that our Giant Kick Croquet set is just as classy and refined as any classic ball-and-stick variety of croquet that you might be familiar with from old-fashioned movies. Only, we might claim that our oversized version is even better—it’s easy for more people of any age to play, and some people prefer kicking a ball to hitting it with a stick, which means more fun for everyone! You can set up the wickets in any way you like, either closer together or farther away, in line or out of line, whatever you want to make the course easy or more difficult. 

This set includes four inflatable high density 14” balls of various colors, six powder-coated metal wickets, two wooden scoring poles, and one hand pump to make inflating the balls easier than ever.

6. Lawn Launch

summer lawn games

If Skee Ball is your favorite arcade game (which, let’s face it, it’s everyone's favorite arcade game), then our Lawn Launch game is the perfect outdoor lawn game for you! This game is perfect for all ages, making it fun for every member of your family and every friend in your friend group, from the youngest to the oldest, and from the least coordinated to the most physically gifted. 

  • Coming with six different colored foam balls, each person can pick either yellow, blue, green, purple, red, or orange for a game testing both luck and skill. 
  • The 7-foot ramp is water-resistant and durable, perfect for outside use. 
  • Unlike the traditional arcade Skee Ball machines, the target of this Lawn Launch game lies beyond the ramp, in scoring rings ranging from small, medium, and large that you can place within any (reasonable) distance beyond the ramp.

What are you waiting for? Gather a group of six and start playing!

7. UNO Splash: Perfect for Camping and Pool Days

If card games are your thing, don’t be afraid to take them outside! With a waterproof set of UNO cards, you can play outside and in the pool without any fear of ruining the cards!

8. Water Sports, or Sports in Water?

If you’re wanting to spend time in the pool but don’t want to play card games, try a game of football instead! Regular footballs would get ruined by water, but a pool and beach water football is perfect for throwing around in the backyard or the pool.

9. Capture the Flag

Capture the flag is a timeless classic outdoor game. Kids and adults alike, this game is a crowd pleaser and will quickly ignite some healthy competition. All you have to do is gather your teams, grab two items to act as flags, and determine territories for the teams. If it’s hot outside, add some sprinklers to the lawn to help the players cool off!

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