3 Ways to Celebrate Valentine's Day With Your Kiddos

3 Ways to Celebrate Valentine's Day With Your Kiddos

Valentine's Day, the day of pink and red roses, candy hearts, love notes and chocolate strawberries. Otherwise known as February 14th, the day we come together to celebrate the loved ones we all cherish.

So, this year, as the day of love comes closer, use the activities below to intentionally celebrate with your kids. 

Homemade Hearts and Decorations 

You just can’t have a good Valentine's Day without tracing cutting out your own paper hearts! Get the glitter. Get the paper, colored pencils and scissors, and let your kids start creating! Once they are all covered in sparkles and red marker, spend the evening decorating as a family. 

Get crazy taping paper hearts, streaming colorful streamers and hanging pink balloons all over your home. The next morning watch their tired bodies wake up with wide, eager eyes, as they jump out of bed to see their beautiful decorations in all of their glory. Just because it’s a smaller holiday doesn’t mean it can’t feel like Christmas! 

Sweet Treats 

“What would be the perfect way to celebrate Valentine's Day?” I asked my sister. “Hmmm . . .” she said with a careful look on her face, “a big caramel apple just for me!” Well there ya have it, straight from the mouth of a nine year old. Valentines Day is just not complete without a treat to share with your loved ones.

Buy some juicy green apples from your grocery store and top with gooey caramel, chopped pretzels, melted white chocolate, cinnamon sugar and anything else that makes their tummies happy. 

Valentine Cards. 

Yes, sweets and themed decor are fun, but truly celebrate Valentine's Day this year by teaching your kids how to reach outside of themselves and service.

Have each of them make a list of people they know who need a reminder that they are loved. Teachers, friends from school, family members, whomever comes to mind. Then, help your children write Valentine Cards for the people on their lists. 

When everyone is finished, take the time to individually deliver their heart felt notes, along with a warm hug and sweet smile. Maybe this will become the makings of a memory that will always remind them to be kind and charitable. 

Ultimately, Valentine's Day is a day that reminds us to think about the people who mean the most to us. So however you do that, go about sharing your love with those people.

Making homemade hearts and decorations with your children, feasting on delicious goodies together, and especially going about sharing light with those around you will surely be the beginnings of a memorable holiday indeed. 

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