10-Year Old's Birthday Ideas [You Can Do at Home]

10-Year Old's Birthday Ideas

Another year, another chance to throw your kid an awesome birthday party they’ll remember forever. And this year, you kind of want to do something at home. We don’t blame you! But just because a party is at home doesn’t mean it will be any less fun. In fact, we have five unique 10-year old’s birthday ideas you can do right at home that will still amaze them. 

From glow-in-the-dark mini golf to a zipline adventure, we bet your soon-to-be 10-year-old has never seen these birthday ideas. Well, let’s get into it already! Keep scrolling to find the perfect birthday idea for your special kid.

Top Five 10-Year Old’s Birthday Ideas

1. Host an Ultimate Obstacle Course Party

Obstacle Course Game

Invite your 10-year-old’s friends over for a wacky obstacle course race. Have friends team up in pairs of two and go head-to-head in multiple games to win a grand prize. We love this idea because it gets the kids outside, offers some physical activity, and even gives you a tired kiddo at the end of the day. Not sure how to create an obstacle course? With pre-done kits out there, it’s as simple as buying a set and putting it together. 

Our Wack Race Set has six different obstacle games, all in one race kit. There’s everything you need for a sack race, nose nudge run, water transfer helmet game, three-legged race, dizzy running, and even racing to the finish line holding a stick between your knees. No need to think of it all–this at-home birthday idea will keep the kids entertained for hours, we promise!

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2. Throw a Glow-in-the-Dark Mini Golf Party

Glow-in-the-dark mini golf

Mix it up this year and do something your 10-year-old will remember forever. Get the family together or a group of friends for a round of glow-in-the-dark miniature golf. We love this out-of-the-box idea because you can play indoors or outdoors–lousy weather won’t bring you down.

Don’t have any mini golf equipment? This Bolder Play Deluxe Cosmic Glow-in-the-Dark Mini Golf Kit has everything you need. The 5-hole course includes tunnels, ramps, zig-zags, and a spinning windmill. Plus, almost everything in this kit comes in neon colors, so they’ll glow under the included black lights for an extra exciting cosmic element.

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3. Surprise Them With a Trampoline

Trampoline with enclosure

Is your 10-year-old not feeling a big party? Try surprising them with an outdoor trampoline! It might even be on their wish list already. Trampolines are great at keeping kids active and building new skills (even if they don’t know it, *wink*). We suggest getting one with an enclosure; you never know how bouncy it will get in there.

Finding a trampoline made for kids is tricky. Luckily, our Space Zone II Trampoline takes children into consideration. With the enclosure net sewn right into the jumping mat, little fingers stay away from the springs and frame parts, making the trampoline pinch-safe. No need to worry about pinched fingers or kids getting caught in the springs–just simple hoppin’ fun!

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4. Set Up a Zipline Adventure

Backyard zipline kit

Picture this: Your 10-year-old wakes up on their birthday to a zipline adventure in the backyard. Best birthday ever. Ziplines don’t have to be something you can only do on wild extravagant vacations. You can always bring the fun to your own home. Make this birthday idea a gift, or set up a zipline party with your kid’s friends. Either way, it will be a fun time.

If you have two trees and a kid that loves adventure, that’s almost everything you need. The Bolder Play 70' Zipline Kit will push your birthday kid to do hard things in BIG ways. Just a little warning–you will hear many happy screams and laughs all day.

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5. Host a Backyard Ninja Warrior Game

Ninja warrior game kit

We bet your kid’s imagination has no limits. Test their skills and build on their creative mind by hosting a ninja warrior game in your backyard. Send out invites with a ninja theme and have your big kid’s friends come over to race through a tricky obstacle course. Whoever is the fastest wins! We love this 10-year-old birthday idea because it gets kids active and promotes problem-solving skills. Can’t think of anything to use for your ninja warrior course? There are so many options online you can choose from. Simply click to purchase and get it delivered to your doorstep! Consider your party activity planning done.

Our Deluxe Ninjaline Kit is perfect for ninja warrior games. It includes nine obstacles for kids to navigate through: a rickety bridge, spinner wheel, multiple monkey bars, ninja net, set of gym rings, climbing ring vine, and traverse ring. Plus, with 18 hanging pockets, you can space out the obstacles to create your course difficulty of preference! As parents, we think the best part is the included carrying bag so you can easily take it down and bring it wherever you go. Want to throw your ninja warrior party at the park? Go right ahead!

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10 Year Old’s Birthday IdeasIt’s Party Time!

So, what will it be? A wacky obstacle course, trampoline gift, or ninja warrior course party? Whatever 10-year old's birthday ideas you choose, we’re sure your little one will love it. Coming up with a new unique idea for your kid’s birthday will keep them smiling all day. And we bet they won’t even mind being home for it, either. Time to get your party on!

Promoting big active play is kind of our thing at Bolder Play. We specialize in toys and games that help children collaborate, think outside the box, and get them active. As seen in the Today Show, BuzzFeed, and Yahoo News, join thousands of other parents who trust us and our products. Your kids deserve it!

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