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We're reimagining the timeless joy of messy, wild, and dynamic play! Our original concepts seamlessly fuse adventure and safety, offering kids an unparalleled play experience.

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Welcome to an exciting investment opportunity with Bolder Play. With a revenue of $2.51 million per employee, we're ready to expand globally. Your investment will help us broaden our inventory, ensure compliance, and establish connections in key overseas markets. Join us in building a global presence and making our innovative solutions accessible worldwide.

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The Challenge

We live in a world where screens and technology are more accessible to kids than ever before. Relying too much on technology for playtime can lead to passive entertainment, hindering children's creativity and problem-solving skills. Moreover, the constant stimulation from screens can leave kids feeling bored and disconnected from the natural world. Encouraging resilience in any child plays a crucial part in their overall well-being and success. Pair teaching resilience with outdoor play, and you’ve got yourself an excellent foundation that helps children face challenges, learn new skills and fosters self confidence.

Our Unique Solution

Igniting Active Play

While many of us have fond memories of rainy days consisting of building forts, playing hide and seek, or snuggling up for a movie marathon, there is just one thing missinging that line up: ACTIVE play! We're revolutionizing the timeless joy of messy, wild, and dynamic play! Blending timeless classics with 21st-century innovation. Our original concepts seamlessly fuse adventure and safety, offering kids an unparalleled play experience.

The Opportunity

Unprecedented Efficiency, Global Vision: Our team has achieved an exceptional milestone, operating at a remarkable revenue of $2.51 million per employee. This efficiency underpins our robust foundation and readiness to expand beyond domestic borders. By supporting our campaign, you're not just funding a business expansion; you're fueling a vision to bring our proven success to international markets, making our innovative solutions globally accessible.

Strategic Expansion and Compliance: We are poised to elevate our operations to the international stage with a targeted fundraise of $1.2 million. This crucial investment will enable us to broaden our inventory to meet global demand and ensure compliance with international standards. Your contribution will directly support our mission to transcend geographical boundaries, ensuring our products and services can enrich lives worldwide.

Building Global Connections: Our expansion strategy is not just about reaching new markets; it's about creating lasting impacts. By securing business development members in key overseas markets, we're not just entering new territories—we're integrating into them. Your support helps us lock in vital connections and local expertise, laying the groundwork for sustainable growth and cultural synergy across the globe.

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