Safe Outdoor Baby Swings—Best of 2023

outdoor baby swings

While many simple activities bring back nostalgic memories of growing up and inspire child-like wonder in both children and adults alike, few things bring as much simple pleasure as a good outdoor swing. Whether it’s under a green leafy tree or out in the sun, swinging is one of the most quintessential outdoor park activities. Even for kids who don’t love playing team sports, doing the monkey bars, or other recreational activities, swings can entertain for hours and bring so many benefits of the outdoors into your child’s life.

Luckily for parents, swings are one of the easiest outdoor toys to install and enjoy—you don’t need to have tons of space, just a good solid tree or other sturdy base to attach it to. Swings are versatile, easy to pack up and take with you on trips, and are always sure to bring out smiles and laughter. 

All of our Bolder Play swings can be installed inside or outside, and are quite easy to move around and attach to various bases with our Swivel Tree Hanger or Indoor Ceiling Hardware, making them perfect for all seasons. If you live somewhere that gets a lot of snow in the winter and you need a way to keep your kids from going crazy inside, you can simply install ceiling hanging hardware inside your home and attach the swing. The best part? Once it gets warm again, simply move the swing back to the outdoors, where the sun and fresh air will invigorate both you and your children!

What Makes a Swing Safe?

This answer largely depends on your child’s age, as different swings are more appropriate for different ages and comfort levels, but there are a few things to consider before selecting the swing that is right for you and your children. For one thing, the height of a swing—you’ll want to find a swing that has adjustable heights so that your child will easily be able to reach the ground. This will make it safer for your child to get on and off the swing without requiring immediate and constant assistance. 

Another thing to consider is the size of the surface area. Classic swings are quite small, which is perfect for many children, but finding a swing that is more of a circular shape like our Sky Swing (a fan favorite) can allow your child to swing safely with less of a chance of falling off, as well as allow your child to lay down and enjoy the swing without needing to pump up and down constantly. On a similar note, one way to make a swing even safer is to have some sort of wall-type structure that will protect your kids from falling out, functioning much like protective walls around a trampoline.

Keep reading to learn more about our favorite safe outdoor baby swings (many of which can be enjoyed by babies, kids, and teenagers alike).

Outdoor Baby Swings: Adventure Sky Swing

safe outdoor baby swings

Our Adventure Sky Swing is perfect for long summer days when kids are free from school to play outside all day long. The large surface for sitting makes this swing ideal for kids who want to feel safe and secure, as well as being perfect for entertaining multiple kids at once, as more than one kid can easily fit on this swing. With four different ropes attaching this swing to its anchor point, there are plenty of places for kids to hold onto to maintain balance and a sense of stability and safety.

Swing House + Sky Swing 

bolder play

If you have multiple kids who all love to swing together, then this Swing House + Sky Swing pairing is the perfect safe outdoor swing! Especially perfect for super sunny days, this tent-like swing will protect your kids from the sun (though, if you’re anything like the parents we know, you’ll likely still be lathering your kids in SPF just to be safe) and give them a shady spot to read, play, or nap outside. 

Outdoor Baby Swings: Classic Wooden Swing

wooden swing

Is anything really better than a simple swing? There’s a reason why classic swings have existed for so long, and why there are always lines of children waiting for their turn on the swings at any community park you visit. 

Our Classic Wooden Swing is the perfect addition to any yard, and is versatile enough to entertain a wide range of ages. The height of our classic wooden swing is adjustable to various heights, making it easy to last your child through all stages of growing up, from their first time learning how to pump their legs back and forth to the days when they will inevitably initiate contests to see who can swing the highest and jump off a swing the farthest.

Ultimate Sky Chair (With Pockets & Lights!)

young boy swinging

Every kid loves to feel cozy and safe, and this Ultimate Sky Chair provides just that! With large pockets that can hold ample amounts of toys, books, and snacks, this ultimate sky chair is a huge favorite for many kids. What makes this swing even more special is its LED lights that are sewn into the edge of the opening. These lights will create an enchanting starry-sky window for your child as they dream and play, and will also ensure that you can locate your child when the night sky gets darker.

The Easy Pack-and-Go Cloud Swing

pack and go swing

Light-weight and full of air, our Cloud Swing will truly feel like a cloud! This swing can hold a max weight of 200 lbs, though it is especially perfect for younger ages, given the softness and large surface area. It is especially easy to pack up and take with you to wherever adventure calls, since you can easily deflate it, pack it up so that it takes up little space, and then inflate it again once you get to your destination.

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