Q+A: Getting to know Courtney from Playroom Inspo

Q+A: Getting to know Courtney from Playroom Inspo

Playzone-fit is a collection of toys that inspire active play every day in the homes of families with toddlers! We've recently partnered with Playroom Inspo to share our love of play far and wide with those looking for ideas on how to keep their little ones engaged, healthy and having fun!


Courtney, mama of two and the creator behind Playroom Inspo inspires more than just playroom decor. She brings light, happiness and excitement to every playroom with colorful toys, creative ways to play, and a love for all things play!



We had the opportunity to chat and get to know the mama behind the lens of these inspiring playroom tips and tricks and here is what we learned!


1. How long have you been sharing play room inspiration on social media and how did you start?


I have been sharing since May 2020. I began by sharing our own playroom and how we completely transformed it! It has been a very fun process!


2. Why did you start Playroom Inspo?


When my son was diagnosed with Autism, I began doing a lot of research on toys and having the best space for him. This turned into a love of all things kid's decor, toys and play. I love sharing my passion with other parents and inspiring people to make small changes to their own space.


3. What do you love about the Playzone-fit products?


I love how you are able to transform any space into an active play zone in just a few minutes. Whether that be inside or outside! Active play is so incredibly important and having these products helps me know I am helping my kids acquire new and important skills.


4. What is your favorite item from the Playzone-fit collection? Why?


I love the Stepping Stones! It has been such a joy watching both of my kids build their balance and coordination skills each time they use them.


5. How old are your kids?


18 months old & 3 years old


6. What are their favorites from the Playzone-fit collection?


Definitely the Kidtrix Doorway Swing! The Kidtrix Deluxe Doorway Swing with the hammock accessory is especially their favorite and it can be difficult to get the kids out of it. It's that great!


7. Playzone-fit loves all kinds of play, not just active play! What other types of play do they like to engage in?


They love sensory bins and setting up roads with bridges for their cars. They especially love puzzles.


8. What are some other playroom activities you enjoy sharing with your followers?


I love showing our monthly toy rotations which show a breakdown of everything we are using in our playroom. This gives so many ideas to parents as well as shows different ways to set up the toys to promote independent play. 

9. What is your favorite part of your playroom?


My 3 year old is always commenting on how colorful the playroom is with a big smile on his face. It makes me so happy!


10. Why is play important to your family?

Play is so important for brain development and is such a wonderful way to learn so many new skills. This has been especially important for my 3 year old who has Autism. Focusing on play has helped him push past so many difficulties and we are so amazed with how far he has come.



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