Meet Damian!

Meet Damian!

Everyone knows a dad’s no. 1 priority during playtime is fun! Which is why one of the faces on StairSlide’s new ownership team is none other than fun dad, Damian Dayton! 

Damian and family

According to Damian, StairSlide™ is more than just a slide, “Like many parents today, my wife and I have struggled to raise our active 6-year-old son without defaulting to excessive screen time. And then StairSlide™ came into our lives.

“Honestly, without the StairSlide™ (and a healthy dose of imagination), I don’t know how we would have made it through quarantine. Not only did the StairSlide™ bring hours of active play to our home, but as the world started opening up, it also brought new friends. 

“Like with many startups, we noticed that StairSlide™ faced more than a few challenges. So we gathered a group of parents invested in their own kids' development and got them to invest in StairSlide™ to help this company reach its full potential. So we are excited, to say the least. 

Agreed! We are so excited to see where StairSlide™ can go under the direction of Damian and other fun-loving parents.

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