Fun Activities to Enjoy With Your Family this Easter

Fun Activities to Enjoy With Your Family this Easter

Easter is coming up, so what better way to enjoy the holiday and the spring season, than the fun activities below!

Easter Themed Coloring Pages

Sometimes the simplest ideas are the most priceless. This Easter take some time away from the world. For just a moment forget about it all, and let gratitude replace your sometimes cluttered mind and fast-paced lifestyle with peace and joy.

Simply, print off some coloring pages. Play your family’s favorite music. Gather your kids together, and watch time slow down as you laugh, dance, listen and hang their photos of easter bunnies and yellow ducklings on the most coveted spot in the house: the fridge.

*use the coloring pages below by clicking on the page of your choice. The link will take you to the original copy, where you can print the page at your home.  

Happy Easter

Happy Easter Basket

Easter Bunnies

Yellow Duckling

Easter Baskets 

I can still feel the way Easter felt to me as a kid. In the morning, I’d wake up with excitement as I waited patiently for my sister’s eyes to open. Hand in hand, we hopped down the stairs together to see our beautiful Easter baskets. Colorful candy, jump ropes, simple toys to entertain our little minds; all of it felt so special to me.

So this Easter make the holiday special to your children by putting together a simple Easter basket. It doesn’t need to be filled to the brim with fancy trinkets and sweets, because, at the end of the day, their hearts will hold onto the memories of early morning family time, rather than the stuff they got years back. 

Easter Egg Baskets

Easter Egg Hunts 

Easter egg hunts are a classic tradition that families have been enjoying since, some say, the 16th century. Year to year children eagerly run everywhere looking for little treasures filled with chocolate Cadbury Eggs and fruit flavored jelly beans, then come together to celebrate their new found fortune. Keep the tradition going this holiday by hosting a neighborhood Easter egg hunt or enjoy one at your house with your kiddos Easter morning. 

Easter Cadbury Eggs

Dye Easter Eggs 

Speaking of eggs! Instead of only using plastic eggs from the store, mix it up by dying your own. This activity not only gets your kids excited for Easter, it also encourages creativity imagination, sensory learning and family bonding! Now start dying! 

*Before you dye the eggs, have your kids draw designs with a white crayon. When you lift the eggs from the liquid, everything will be dyed except the design! And make sure to boil the eggs first! ;)

Dyed Easter Eggs

Easter Themed Sugar Cookies

As if we need more sugar on Easter? But if you’re looking for something else to do, sugar cookies make for a great time! Either buy the dough at the grocery store or make it from scratch, and let your kids go crazy cutting pretty shapes and using different colored frosting to decorate the cookies the way they want. 

Easter Sugar Cookies

Apart from colored eggs and bunnies, one of my favorite memories of Easter has to be the new dresses my mom would pick out for my sisters and I. When we hopped down the stairs to peak at our baskets, the pastel colored dresses drew us in. After a fun Easter egg hunt and breakfast, we would all put our dresses on for church, come home and treat ourselves to some egg salad sandwiches. Sticking with the Easter theme ;) 

Ultimately, no matter how you celebrate Easter this year, on behalf of Bolder Play, we hope these activities inspire you to make some fun memories with your family!

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