Cheers To 2023

Cheers To 2023

It’s nearly 2023, and with the new year coming quickly, so easily we write these lists of goals, intentions and New Year's resolutions about how we’re going to be the fittest, healthiest and happiest we’ve ever been. 

New Years Resolutions 

  • wake up at 5am every morning
  • go to the gym 
  • stay away from processed food
  • read 50 books this year 
  • be a better parent 
  • less screen time for kids  
  • write in my journal more 
  • travel to a country I’ve never been
  • learn the piano
  • write a book 

We write these lists about who we want to be and what we want to do because there’s something about the new year that brings with it a sense of liberation and excitement. With a fresh, new beginning the possibility to achieve and experience new and great things lights our hearts on fire and results in a list of items that are maybe more than we can chew.

Don’t get me wrong, writing down our goals for the new year is a proactive way for us to get our thoughts out on paper, but the blog, Discover Happy Habits, says in their article, New Year’s Resolution Statistics, “of those who make a New Year's resolution, after 1 week 75% are still successful in keeping it. After two weeks, the number drops to 71%. After 1 month, the number drops again to 64%.” 

What if these statistics are telling us that it’s not our lack of motivation or eagerness to live fulfilling lives that causes these percentages to drop, but rather it’s overly booking our schedules? In 2023, instead of jotting down a long list of ten or fifteen items, try simplifying your life by choosing a word or two as your intention for the year. 

We’ll do it with you. In 2023, StairSlide’s words for the year include BIG, ACTIVE, PLAY. Why? Because we believe in our core that families should be ACTIVE together through BIG PLAY. We believe children should be encouraged to get messy, get up when they get hurt, and try, try again. We believe children should be nudged to try new things and play till all hours of the day. Most importantly, we believe our children’s screen-time should be replaced with creating an environment that boosts imagination and childlike wonder. We want our simple intention for this year to transpire into not only the messages we send out onto our platforms, but also the messages our employees communicate through the way they live. 

With the new year coming quickly, join us by choosing a word or phrase as your intention for the year. Then write that intention on your bathroom mirror or on a sticky note and put it in your car as a reminder to be someone who emulates that word.

Cheers to becoming happier, healthier versions of ourselves in 2023! 

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