Best Trampolines For Kids 2023 (+ Accessories)

best trampolines for kids

The flying sensation and trill is definitely the reason trampolines are so popular, and rightly so. Trampolines make movement fun and joyful, encourage courageous acts of bravery in kids, teenagers, and adults alike, and make space for some of the most wonderful memories that will last for years. 

Trampolines are incredible in the way that they encourage creativity of movement and appreciation for active bodies. Trampolines keep kids entertained for hours as they try to master new skills such as flips and special jumps, pushing themselves physically and mentally in a fun and low-risk environment. What better way to spend a sunny afternoon than learning new tricks? Studies show that learning new things and staying active do wonders for increasing kids' confidence in themselves, and trampolines offer just that.

Despite the obvious benefits and overall fun that trampolines have to offer, many parents worry about trampoline safety. This is completely reasonable, especially since many parents nowadays grew up during a time when trampolines had exposed springs and lacked protective netting walls. However, here at Bolder Play, safety and fun are of equal concern to us, and we work hard to ensure that neither of those goals will ever compromise the other. All of our trampolines feature protective padding around the edge to guard little fingers from the springs, as well as protective netting walls to keep all the fun and excitement within the bounds of safety.

Keep reading to learn more about the best trampolines for kids 2023 we have to offer, as well as accessories that will make your trampoline safer and more exciting for both you and your kids to enjoy this summer and for many years to come!

Best Trampolines for Kids: Plum 12 ft Space Zone II Trampoline

safe trampolines for kids

Our Plum 12 ft Space Zone II Trampoline & Enclosure provides everything you could ask for in a traditional trampoline—safety, fun, and space to move. 12 feet of jumping space means ample room for friends and fun, and the protective netting is see-through to allow for easy visibility and awareness as you watch your kids jump the afternoon away!

  • The net enclosure will keep all of the action within the safe center of the trampoline’s surface. 
  • However, if you ever want to take the net down for whatever reason, the pack-down feature of the netting makes it easy to do so—the enclosure poles easily fold down with a pushpin mechanism. 
  • In addition, the net is securely sewn to the jumping mat, rather than being loosely connected to the outer rim like many other trampoline nettings. This ensures protection from the springs, which are further protected by a covering.

We recommend the use of this trampoline for ages 6+, though younger children can certainly enjoy it with the help and supervision of an adult.

Safety and Ingenuity: The Plum BOWL Trampoline

summer activities for kids

If you’re looking for a truly unique trampoline, look no further. Our Plum BOWL Trampoline is exceptionally safe, featuring not only a net to keep you safe during your jumps, but a unique bowl shape within the floor of the trampoline itself that will keep you centered and safe. This trampoline features:

  • Protective cushioning on the outside rim—ideal for avoiding pinching springs and sharp edges—which are highly weather resistant, ensuring your trampoline will last through all seasons for many years to come. 
  • The silent flexible bungees that give extraordinary power to this trampoline safely held in place by secure clips, ensuring safety and performance.
  • The curved sides of this trampoline’s bounceable surface not only provide added measures of safety, as they angle jumps towards the center of the trampoline’s surface rather than away from the center, but they also make room for added creativity of movement. 

We recommend the use of this trampoline for ages 6+, though younger children can certainly enjoy it with the help and supervision of an adult.

Best Trampolines For Kids: Plum Junior Trampoline & Enclosure

toddler jumping

If you have younger children who still love to jump but may need some extra safety and don’t necessarily need all the space of our larger trampolines to still have fun, then our Plum Junior Trampoline & Enclosure is perfect for you! The lower frame makes it easier for littler bodies to climb up to the jumping surface, and the thick foam padding and netted enclosure walls will keep your child safe so they can have as much fun jumping as possible!

Trampoline Accessory Kit

trampoline accessories

While our trampolines are ready to go just as they are, there are some accessories that can help make them more accessible and ensure that your trampoline will last for years to come. In our Plum Trampoline Accessory Kit, you will find:

  • A ladder for safe and easy access to the trampoline (which is especially helpful for younger children who can’t easily reach the trampoline), 
  • An anchor kit to enhance stability and keep the trampoline firmly rooted when serious weather conditions arise, 
  • And a cover to protect your trampoline from weather and debris when not in use.

Plum Trampoline Bounce Board

bolder play

If simply jumping on a trampoline isn’t enough for you, try our trampoline bounce board! This board is easily secured to your feet with velcro straps, features durable foam for a safe and padded landing, and will help you and your kids practice skills that can improve performance in a skate park or on the snowy slopes!

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