6 Outdoor Swings to Use This Summer

6 Outdoor Swings to Use This Summer

Playing, making memories, laughing, adventuring! The sun freckling your skin. Warm breezes ruffling your hair. Comfortable evenings with s’mores, night games and family bonding. This is what summer is made of. And what better way to begin the fun than swinging your way into this exciting season!

Do you remember that feeling you had as a kid when you'd sit proudly as your mom started pushing you on the swing. It felt like you could reach the tree tops!  You'd lift your head towards the sky, close your eyes, and with a giant smile, take it all in. Pure freedom.

Experience that magical feeling again with your kiddos. Bolder Play offers a selection of high quality outdoor swings fit for energetic toddlers to teenagers. And, of course, any adults who want to give it a go. Get ready to swing all through the summer!

little boy on cloud swing
little girl on classic wooden swing
little girl in 40’ sky swing and swing house
* 40" Sky Swing without Swing House
little girls and boys on dreamcatcher swing
little girl on slackers climbing rope swing
little girls and boys on slackers swingline
If your kids enjoy relaxing outside, try the Ultimate Sky Chair!
*If you don’t have a sturdy tree branch in your yard, no worries. The Build-a-Branch is a convenient way for you to create your own make-shift branch. All you need is a strong tree trunk to attach the Build-a-Branch to.


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