6 Reasons Why Your Family Needs an Adventure Treehouse

6 Reasons Why Your Family Needs an Adventure Treehouse

Introducing the only thing you’ll ever need in your backyard: Bolder PLay’s Adventure Treehouse! This treehouse is packed with the potential for hours and hours of big, bold play that will surely create memories your children will remember for years to come.

You might ask, why is this treehouse so special? Here are five reasons why your family needs the Adventure Treehouse today!

Basic Childhood Need

It’s a kid’s basic right to own a treehouse at least once in their childhood; a childhood full of adventure and excitement. We assure you, this treehouse will be part of that excitement. 

Watch your kids come up with all sorts of out-of-this-world ideas to make believe. Playing pirates inside their pirate ship. Looking out for treasure and mermaids. Pretending to be Rapunzel in her tower, waiting for her night and shining armor to come and rescue her. Or pretending to be on safari, searching for animals in the wild! This treehouse will become child central, where all of your kid’s ideas will come to life!

Perfect kid’s hide a way 

“Mom, dad can we go to the treehouse?” Speaking of child central, get used to hearing this question, because with the Adventure Treehouse you now have the perfect kid’s hideaway. Don’t be surprised if they’ll never want to leave. It has enough room for multiple kids to read books, play card games, draw on coloring books, eat snacks and even take a nap if they refuse to leave ;) Let the fun begin again every single day! 

Promotes outdoor play and imagination 

We said it before and we’ll say it again. The Adventure Treehouse is not only a child’s hide away and haven, it’s a place that encourages children to be outside under the sun while using their imagination. Pirates, Rapunzel, safari’s, spies, house; there’s no telling what sort of wild ideas your child will think up next. This treehouse will teach your kids to love spending time outside.

Little Girl Drawing in Coloring Book in Adventure Treehouse

Easy set up and take down 

Imagination and playing are all good, but if a treehouse is a mess to set up, then it’s simply not worth it. But don’t worry. If you follow the directions, installment should go smoothly. Set up requires two adults and is estimated to take 2-4 hours. The tree must have 7 feet of straight trunk with the diameter of 12-24 inches. After that, all that’s left is attaching the Adventure Ladder that connects directly to the treehouse. Simply wrap round the base of the tree, and you and your children are ready to climb up and down as much as you’d like. 

Safe and Durable 

Parents and guardians, you can rest knowing that the Adventure Treehouse is safe for your little ones. The house's steel frame connects to any compatible tree at three different points using ratchets for complete security. The double walled UV-resistant, water-resistant and tear proof nylon material increases durability. And the easy-grip steel ladder, 33” high walls and three mesh triangle windows make it easier for you to sit and relax while your kiddos are out playing. 

Memory Maker 

Lastly, the Adventure Treehouse will be the means for you and your kids to make memories together. Because when all is said and done, when the years go by, it doesn’t matter how much money you made, or how many toys you gave your kids for their birthdays or holidays. The memory of their dad climbing up the treehouse ladder to rescue his little Rapunzel. The memory of when their mom pretended to be an elephant, as they searched for African animals. This, this is what lasts. And with the Adventure Treehouse, the memories you can make together are endless.

Get your Adventure Treehouse today!

Two boys playing cards in the Adventure Treehouse

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