50 Ways to Get Outside and Move More with Your Kids

50 Ways to Get Outside and Move More with Your Kids

Just like the title says, we've compiled a list of 50 ideas and activities you can try to get outside and move more with your kiddos. Moving is so good for their little minds and bodies, and yours too. So, enjoy! 

1. Walk around the neighborhood
2. Have fun with a game of hopscotch
3. Plan a treasure hunt 
4. Enjoy an afternoon at the park
5. Jump on the trampoline
6. Set up a StairSlide in your front yard
7. Build an outside obstacle course
8. Blow bubbles with the kids 
9. Go on a bug hunt
10. Have a giant water ballon fight  

boy playing with water balloons

11. Set up a game of outdoor Mini Golf
12. Enjoy a game of Kick Croquet
13. Play a game of Ultimate Kickbal
14. Wake up for an early morning bike ride
15. Pick wildflowers in the mountains
16. Scooter around the neighboorhood
17. Skip rocks at the pond
18. Go rollerblading around town
19. Go on a family bike ride
20. Draw chalk masterpieces 

kids drawing with chalk

21. Kayak on a nearby lake
22. Spend the day Ziplining in your backyard 
23. Play tag with the kids
24. Plan a yummy picnic lunch at the park
25. Take advantage of swimming season 
26. Be ninjas with the Ninjaline
27. Jump in puddles when it's raining 
28. Take the kids on a local hike 
29. Invite another family over for yard games 
30. Entertain yourself at the Amusement Park 

amusement park

31. Play pretend in the Adventure Treehouse
32. Light a campfire and host night games
33. Listen to your kids favorite music and have a dance party
34. Play a game of makeshift outdoor bowling
35. Run through the sprinklers
36. Go sledding and drink hot cocoa after
37. Introduce your kids to skiing / snowboarding
38. Say yes to a family mud fight
39. Bundle up for an epic snowball fight
40. Build a sand castle at the beach or lake                                                                

kids building a sand castle

41. Catch Fireflies
42. Explore a nearby stream
43. Go fishing as a family 
44. Fly kites at the park 
45. Jump rope and eat ice cream 
46. Walk the dog 
47. Paint rocks and scatter them in the garden 
48. Bake cookies and walk to deliver them
49. Buy tickets to a seasonal fair 
50. Swing under the warm sun

little girl swinging

*for more fun outdoor game and activity ideas click here.

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