23 Summer Camp Activities They Won’t Whine About

summer camp activities

Summer is finally here, which means summer camp is right around the corner! Summer camp is an experience that kids love and look forward to all year long, but sometimes it can be hard to think of activities that will be enjoyable for all ages and interests. If you’re feeling stumped, look no further! We’ve gathered 23 of the best summer camp activities that will keep kids happy and entertained all summer long, ensuring the best of memories and the closest of friends!

1. Ziplines—Take Flights of Adventure

For kids who love adventure, ziplines are always much anticipated! Our 70’ Backyard Zipline with Spring Brake is safe, fun, and easy to use over and over for the long line of kids who will surely be waiting their turn for a ride through the open air!

2. Summer Camp Activities: Ninja Warrior Day!

If the summer camp kids really need to get some energy out, holding a Ninja Warrior competition is the way to go! Our Deluxe Ninjaline Kit and American Ninja Warrior Slackline make it easy to create a course that will thrill, challenge, and excite ninjas of all ages and abilities.

ninja warrior slackline

3. Field Day Festivities

Nothing beats a classic field day of relays, games, and fun out in the sun. However, while some kids love running around, other kids might want some other options. Setting up bean-bag toss type games such as our Lawn Launch and ChangeUp: Beanbag Tossing Game will make sure everyone is happy and entertained all day long.

4. Strategy, Smarts, and Smiles: Learn the Rules of Chess and Checkers

Summer camp is meant to be fun, but who says it can’t be educational too? Chess and checkers are two classic games that can challenge the mind and bring friends together. Our Jumbo 2-in-1 Chess and Checkers makes this sometimes hard-to-learn game a hundred times more fun, and the large size of the pieces makes it easy for many kids to play together at once!

outdoor chess

5. Kickball 

Starting up a game of kickball is easy with our Ultimate Kickball Kit! This game is perfect for including everyone and creating friendships.

summer camp activities

6. Summer Camp Activities: Indoor Game Night

While summer camp is usually about being outside in the sun, sometimes rain messes with outdoor plans or it might just be too hot to be outside for long! Luckily for you and your campers, we’ve got some fantastic indoor games. Set up a game of mini golf with our Cosmic Mini Golf set, or play a creative game of tag with our Wack-a-Tag game!

7. Outdoor Movie Night

After a long day of more active summer camp activities, watching a movie is always a crowd favorite. Make sure everyone has a comfy spot to watch with our Ultimate Sky Chair and Adventure Sky Swing.

8. Bring Mini Golf To Summer Camp!

Mini golf is always a popular vote, but it can sometimes be hard to bring an entire camp of kids to a mini golf course. The solution? Bring a mini golf course to camp! Our Cosmic Mini Golf, Deluxe Cosmic Glow in the Dark Mini Golf, and Glow in the Dark Golf Balls make it easy to set up your own course, wherever your camp happens to be! 

mini golf set

9. Elegance And Style: Hold A Proper Garden Party

Having a fancy dress up day at camp can be fun, and holding a proper garden party is even more fun! Of course, no garden party is complete without a game of croquet, and our Wicket Kick: Giant Kick Croquet makes it easy for kids of all ages (and attention spans) to play this traditionally elegant game.

Summer garden party

10. When The Summer Days Warm Up: Water Games Save The Day

If there’s one thing kids want to do on a hot summer day, it's to cool down. Our Ninja Warrior Ultimate Water Obstacle Set is easy to set up, and is the perfect combination of water, competition and fun!

11. Classic Summer Camp Fun—Capture The Flag

What’s a more classic summer camp activity than a game of capture the flag? Simply divide a field in two, designate protectors of the flags, and let the kids race to see who can capture each other’s flag first!

12. Summer Camp Art Activities

If the kids are tired of games, bring out the art supplies! Painting rocks or weaving baskets are two favorite art activities that will keep your campers busy for hours. 

summer camp activities

13. Treasure Hunt: Keep Your Eyes On The Prize

This idea might take a little more setting up than other summer camp activities, but few things excite kids more than the prospect of hunting for treasure! Write up some intriguing clues, hide some fun prizes, and see how long it takes for them to find the hidden treasure!

14. Camping Day At Summer Camp

While all summer camps are called “camp,” some are a little more campy than others. If your summer camp is a little more on the indoor side of things, it might be fun to set aside one day for traditional camp activities—campfire and s’mores, a hike, and some nature appreciation.

summer camp activities

15. Craft Day—Beads Galore

Out of all the available crafting activities, beading might be the most enjoyed and most accessible for all ages. All you need is some string or lanyard cords, beads of various shapes, colors, and sizes, and some time to get your crafting on!

16. Sprouting Seeds: Garden Summer Camp Activities

Gardening might sound intimidating, but sprouting a seed is easy! You can either supply each kid with a little pot and soil, or sprout a bean with a simple wet paper towel and plastic bag.

17. Build Your Own Pizza Night

All any kid really wants to eat is pizza, and allowing them to build and cook their own is sure to be a favorite summer camp activity!

indoor activities for kids

18. Create And Perform 5-Minute Plays

If your summer campers have stories to tell (and let’s face it, everyone does), then divide them into groups and give them time to come up with short original plays or skits. Once everyone has had time to rehearse, they can perform them for each other and see what everyone came up with.

19. Board Game Championship

On a hot day when no one wants to go outside, board games are the perfect answer. If you have an array of board games, the winners can keep playing against each other until there’s one winner left—the ultimate board game champion!

20. Summer Camp Talent Show Night

Everyone has talents, and summer camp is the perfect time to let them shine! At the beginning of camp, invite your campers to think of a talent they might want to share, and then hold the talent show later in the week once everyone feels more comfortable around each other. 

Summer camp talent show

21. Have A Themed Trivia Night

For the brainiacs in the room, trivia night is always a favorite. Select a theme, or have multiple different themes so everyone can feel confident in participating in at least one round of trivia questions!

22. Nature Scavenger Hunt

Summer is the perfect time to explore nature. Create a list of things to find while out on a hike or at a park, and have a contest to see who can check off the most items!

23. Make Bird Feeders and Go Bird Watching!

For the crafters and the nature lovers, bird feeders always win. Make the bird feeders earlier on so you have time to let them dry, fill them with bird feed, and observe all the birds that come your way as a result.

kid painting birdhouse

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