ChangeUp Toss 360
ChangeUp Toss 360
ChangeUp Toss 360
ChangeUp Toss 360
ChangeUp Toss 360
ChangeUp Toss 360

ChangeUp Toss 360

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Take it camping, take it to the beach, or take it to the backyard for a good old-fashioned family game tournament! ChangeUp 360 is an entertaining beanbag tossing game set made for adults and kids of all ages! The game console stands as an A-frame, secured to the ground with U-shaped pins, and can be rotated using the 360 degree rotating corners to change up your game of choice in seconds.

Family and friend get togethers will enjoy endless hours of entertainment with ChangeUp360! The lightweight game is easy to set up in minutes and includes four different beanbag tossing games for ages 3+ to stay entertained: Football Frenzy, Skee Ball, Corn Hole and Shuffle Board.

How to play Football Frenzy:

  • Set up frame in A shape Secure with U shaped pins
  • Each player tosses 4 bags If you fail to go into a hole for loss of down, toss again
  • If it goes into the largest hole at the top, loss of down
  • If it goes into one of the squares at the bottom (interception, fumble, punt), your turn is over
  • Try to get a touch down or field goal
  • First player to 33 points wins

How to play Skee Bag:

  • Set up frame in A shape Secure with U shaped pins
  • Alternate tosses 
  • Avoid the bottom squares or else you will lose 10 points 
  • First player to 250 points wins 

How to play Corn Hole:

  • Set frame at a slight angle
  • Alternate tosses between 2 players
  • First to 33 wins 3 points in the hole 2 points for a hanger 1 point on the board
  • Only the player who scores the most points per round round keeps their points

How to play Shuffleboard:

  • Set frame up flat on ground
  • Alternate tosses between 2 players
  • Closest to the hole without going gets that amount of points
  • First to 33 wins; scoring 3 points on the red 2 points on the blue 1 point on the yellow 0 points in the hole

The ChangeUp game console is made of lightweight, durable plastic PVC pipes, making it the perfect portable lawn game to take with you anywhere in the included storage bag!


Specs + Material 
  • Game includes: 
    • Two (2) double-sided water-resistant, fabric game panels – L19” x H32” 
    • A-frame game console (when assembled) – L22” x H32” 
    • Ten (10) 4” x 4” beanbags  
    • L23” x H9” storage bag 
  • A-frame game console constructed of PVC pipes, which connect to two (2) 360-degree rotating corners 
What’s in the box? 
  • 1 lightweight game console 
  • 2 double-sided game boards for 4 games 
  • 10 square beanbags in 2 colors 


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